KELLY BROWN: I’m off on my summer holiday soon – but I’m far from ready

YOU know that feeling when you plan something so far in advance you almost forget it is happening?

Well that’s how I am feeling about my summer holiday in a few weeks – and it is sending me into panic mode.

I’m off to France with the children at the beginning of next month, but I am nowhere near ready.

Or I don’t feel at all ready, at the very least.

It was a break which was booked last year and, as always happens, you look forward to it without really being aware of just how far away it is.

I got passports sorted early and our European Health cards, and then I kind of just put the whole break in the back of my mind, only mentioning it occasionally as something which was happening in the very distant future.

A few months ago I bought the children some new sandals and shorts for the summer and a new sunhat and sun cream.

I would have done that anyway, but maybe my subconscious mind was kicking me into gear because I could have quite easily not got around to it yet.

Because now, of course, my sleep-deprived brain is sort of ticking over and in the back of my mind, reminding me actually I need to buy some bits and pieces for myself.

Summer clothes including a swimsuit, sandals, shorts and tops are all on my ‘things to get’ list.

I have a few things, but having not had a proper summer holiday for what seems like a lifetime means I don’t really have an ample supply to get me through the week.

Oh, and then there are Euros to get and then packing to begin... once I get the suitcase out of the loft!

Now, of course, I could begin all my preparations now, but I have my friend’s hen weekend this weekend. So that’s that one out of the window!

And I have a pile of paperwork to fill out ready for my son’s new school which is getting in the way.

Still, I’m sure it will all be fine and I will have everything sorted with plenty of time to spare.

I just hope my subconscious mind will take charge again so I don’t have to think about it too much and panic!

In need of sleep

SO A new study has been done which concludes we all need more sleep.

Well if someone could just tell my daughter the news, that would be just great.

Because the adorable little monkey STILL wakes up in the middle of the night.

While technology may be keeping a modern society awake for far too long, for me the cause of my sleep depravation is a little more traditional!