KELLY BROWN: I may be a party pro, but going solo is a whole new experience!

I HAVE been to many children’s parties over the years as an adult.

Those of my friends’ children, my nieces’, my own children’s parties and – increasingly – those of their friends.

It is almost like a right of passage for any parent with young children to spend many a morning or an afternoon at different parties. Sometimes you know other parents and other times are standing/sitting/hiding like a lemon in the corner who does not know anyone.

And while your little one is having heaps of fun, you are spending your times searching the room for other parents who are on their own to talk to.

But I digress...

Anyway the point is that while I am a party expert, it has been a very long time since I have been to a children’s party without my children.

Now before you ask, I was not being cruel by forcing them to stay at home while I enjoyed a game of pass-the-parcel. It was simply that plans had been made for my little ones to spend the day with their dad before they received their party invitation.

But since the birthday boy was the son of one of my best friends, she insisted I was welcome come along anyway to see her little man and actually be able to catch up with my friends without the distraction of my children.

I would be able to eat a whole slice of cake all to myself without having to share it with at least one of my children.

I would be able to stay were I was sitting without needing to get up every time one of them needed a drink, snack, the toilet, help with a toy... the list is endless.

I would be able to actually finish a sentence without being interrupted with a ‘mummy, can you help me’, an altercation or (most likely) some kind of bump, bruise or fall.

All fine in theory, but in practice I felt a little lost. It was like having my right arm missing. I was watching of the other children, running round, joining in and having fun, and all I did was miss my little ones.

And as for finishing a conversation, well the absence of my children did not stop the other ones from interrupting!