KELLY BROWN: I think I need to swot up on this teacher lingo for parents’ evenings

I THINK I need to get one of those ‘teacher-to-English’ translation books.

You know, one which explains what it is they really mean when they talk to you about your child.

Does ‘very energetic’ translate to ‘never sits still’, and ‘always very vocal’ actually mean ‘a complete chatterbox’?

I experienced my first teacher-ism this week at the first parents’ evening for my son. His teacher described him as ‘quite a character’.

I’m assuming that is teacher code for ‘a bit of a monkey’, which I know he is.

Actually, to be honest, I was really happy with what his teacher had to say as it is very much what was said to me at his last parents’ evening at nursery.

So at least I know he has settled 
in well and feels happy at school because how he is at school is how he is at home.

My little man has always had ants in his pants and never likes to keep still, so it came as no surprise when his teacher told me he is not the best at sitting still.

When he was at nursery my son always only ever did activities designed to assess him under protest.

In fact his keyworker used to follow him around to try to encourage him to do something – just so she can confirm he knows his colours or knows his numbers.

And guess what, it 
is exactly the same at school! Even at the age of five he find tests a bit of a bind. Oh dear!

But on the positive side, he is showing great signs when it comes to his writing and number work – even going off on his own and trying to write things himself.

He loves reading his books, he joins in well and absolutely loves doing anything which involves building. Again, exactly how he was at nursery.

It was wonderful to actually find out how he is getting on at school because whenever I ask him what he has been up to, he just shrugs (something he has picked up at school) and says he can’t remember. All I had established is Tuesday is PE day and Wednesday they go to the library!

So while I digest the good news, I know I have plenty of time to prepare and learn more teacher-lingo ready for the next parents’ evening!

Holiday dreams

THE weather is so rubbish at the moment that there is only one thing for it – to think of holidays!

My holiday earlier this year seems like a lifetime ago and I really need another!

So this week I have been hitting the internet to see what I can arrange for next year.

Well, we all need something to look forward to, don’t we?!