KELLY BROWN: It is for a great cause, but all this fundraising costs me twice as much!

IT’S something that doesn’t occur to you until it is too late – but when you have two children, fundraising costs you twice as much.

The alternative is to make one child look bad!

This week is a classic example because it is Children In Need.

Obviously it is a really good cause and it is a great opportunity to teach the little ones about helping others.

But a sponsored ‘wear your pyjamas to nursery’ week prompted not only a sponsor form for my son, but one for my daughter too.

So now instead of just pestering people to sponsor my son to not get dressed in the morning (a genius idea in his eyes), I’ve got to do the same for my daughter, ask people to form-fill twice and split their donations, or stick extra money on one form myself.

I suppose at least that way makes life much simpler – and doesn’t make it look as though one of my kids is the one with the miserable parents who does not join in! But of course the fundraising doesn’t stop there. Oh, no.

Because there are, of course, ‘donations’ to buy of cakes and biscuits and other creations which have been conjured up all in the name of charity.

So now I have twice as many soggy cupcakes and an empty purse!

Obviously when you plan to have more than one child, there are costs you think about – food, clothes, childcare etc – but I’ll admit ‘extra money for Pudsey’ was not actually my first thought.

It is just like the first time it occurs to you that as well as buying birthday cards for your own parents, you also have to factor in a grandparent one too. And uncle, auntie, cousin... the list is too exhaustive!

Still, I suppose it is something I am just going to get used to because when the school days kick in, I know it is only going cost me more.

School trips, more sports and activities and pocket money will end up being added to my outgoings.

Mind you, at least by then my children will be able to put on their best smiles and sweetly ask other people for money to give to Pudsey and not leave the fundraising pleas to me!