KELLY BROWN Mum’s The Word...I just can’t wait for new arrival – just the time to pack the kitchen

I have got so much packing to do.

No, not my hospital bag – which still remains half packed – but the entire contents of my kitchen.

Finally after years of wishing I’m finally due to get my new kitchen next week.

No more will my heart sink as I look at the pile of dishes and desperately hope some kind of fairy godmother comes to the rescue and magic them clean for me.

And no more will I have to look at my 80s tiles, brown appliances and outdated lino and despair at just how much I am stuck with it.

Not that I should complain, everything functions (more or less), but neither my husband or I have ever lived in a house with a dishwasher so it is all very exciting for us.

Choosing what we wanted was a total minefield.

Do we go for an ultra modern one which looks amazing but could soon look as dated as the one we have now when the next big thing in kitchen designs arrives?

Or do we play it safe and get a classic design which will stand time, even though it may not be a little bit funky?

Needless to say we had our sensible heads on and went for the second option!

So work on our new arrival should begin on Tuesday (no baby – not you!) but before we get too carried away there is a bit of an obstacle in our path – emptying the cupboards of our exciting kitchen.

I had it all worked out. For the past two weeks I have bought as little food as possible and tried to run down my tins and jars, as well as my freezer. But there seems to be as much food in there now as there was at the start.

I think I may have got through a couple of small tins of spaghetti hoops, mostly because my little man has decided they are his new favourite food, and maybe one jar of curry sauce. But I think that is about it.

I’m trying to get through all my tubs of leftovers in the freezer but it doesn’t feel like we have made a dent.

And all the while my fridge is sitting there grinning at me like a Cheshire cat because it remains brimming with goodies for lunches and snacks.

I think I may have to admit defeat, pack up my tins and jars to transfer into my new cupboards to live for months. And hope my mum takes pity on me and finds space for my food in her freezer!

** I don’t want to tune into endless repeats

How is it we can have hundreds of TV channels and there is still nothing on?

Unless you like repeat after repeat or the trashy ‘reality’ shows there is pretty much nothing on.

Of course it could be because I am not looking hard enough down the endless listings at 9pm when all the day’s chores are more of less done.

But then should it really be a slog to find something you like? I thought watching telly was supposed to be relaxing!