KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...Oh dear, the naughty corner has become just part of the game

Now tell me – is it a punishment if my little monkey voluntarily goes into the naughty corner?

At 20 months old my little man is starting to test the boundaries and push his luck. Especially with mummy and daddy.

While he continues to be the perfect little angel when his grandparents are looking after him, when he is with just one or both of us he seems to think it is his duty to test our reactions.

So far it has been nothing terrible. Mostly climbing on toys or tipping his water cup over while cheekily looking at us to see if we will tell him off.

At the weekend we had the pleasure of his latest fad which involves throwing toys.

Now I know it used to be confusing for him.

One minute we are encouraging him to throw one toy (ie his ball) and the next we are telling him not to throw another toy.

But it has reached the point where he knows by now that he can’t throw his car across the living room.

So, when at the weekend he did it in front of daddy, he was promptly told off and had it explained yet again that he can only throw his balls.

A few minutes passed and he did it again so he was told off for the second time.

At the third time my hubbie again told him off and said if he did it again, he would go into the naughty corner.

‘Do you want to go into the naughty corner?’ he asked.

Well the cheeky little monkey starts nodding and takes himself off into the corner.

He then starts smiling sweetly and plays with his feet, fingers and floor until the time came to say sorry.

This is a great game, daddy!

I had to go into the next room to stop myself from laughing, leaving my poor husband to implement the ‘punishment’ and keep a straight face.

Now I know there will come a time where will really have to tell him off and we will have a hysterical little boy in tears afterwards.

But for the moment I think I will enjoy this little practice at punishment before the real battle – and the terrible twos – begins.