KELLY BROWN Mum’s the Word...There are some people who just don’t deserve to be parents

Before you become a parent yourself the things other parents do has the power to annoy and shock you.

But after becoming one yourself it can totally anger and upset you!

From the down-right silly to the amazingly-dangerous, almost every day I find myself shaking my head and quietly judging others.

Yes I may sound terrible, but hear me out. Just this past week alone I have seen instances which bring out a whole manner of emotions.

Firstly the inconsiderate parent. The ones who park in the parent and young child spaces at the shops and then sit in the car to collect their other half.

Or the parents with 12-year-olds who park there instead. For goodness sake, they should know better. Leave those spaces for the parents who need to open their car doors out really wide to put their babies and toddlers in the car.

Then there are the unthinking parents who seem to be under the misconception their child’s buggies and prams have special protective powers.

The other day I was driving around Chichester’s Northgate roundabout when a parent crossing the road had their little one’s buggy hanging out onto the road while they were safe and sound on the pavement. What stupidity!

But this is totally eclipsed by the absolutely heart-breaking story of 15-month-old Declan who died without food or water, lying afraid in his cot in a filthy flat littered with old clothes and empty vodka bottles.

Meanwhile his drug-addict, alcoholic mother Kimberly Hainey left him alone in her flat for days at a time.

Hainey let him lie in his cot where he lay dead for up to seven months, while his mother convinced everyone he was still alive.

Words simply cannot truly describe the horror caused by someone who did not deserve to be a mother.

You really can’t help getting annoyed at how some parents behave. But when you hear of cases like little Declan which just make you want to cry, all you can do is hug your little ones and be the best parent you can be.