KELLY BROWN Mum’s The Word...Time now means nothing to my little ones – but who needs sleep?

I think my two little angels are conspiring against me in a bid to deprive me of my sleep.

With the finesse of a wrestling tagteam the pair of them seem to be taking it in turns in a little game of ‘it’s my turn to wake up’.

I thought I had it cracked when my little lady started going to sleep like a dream after getting dressed and filling up on milk. And then to cap it off she is sleeping through until 7am.

But of course it was too good to be true and my little man has decided to be a right little monkey.

Not only have we decided to wake up every morning at the most stupid time in the world (that’s 5am by the way) but now he has decided to try to protest about going to bed at 7pm too.

Declarations of ‘I’m hungry’ and ‘I’m not tired’ (while looking ready to drop) seem to be becoming a regular fixture of our evenings which are delaying the time he actually falls asleep until 8pm.

Some evenings I’ve gone upstairs to find my munchkin just sat on my bed playing with his cars quite happily as though it were mid-morning instead of bedtime.

I wouldn’t mind, but despite cutting daytime sleep to a short power nap, the little monkey still wakes up at 5am. How does he do it?

Of course there are the odd days where he decides he is tired and goes to bed at the right time or even has a long lay in until the almost lunchtime-feeling 6.30am (oh, how my life has changed!)

But these are obviously the days when the pair of them have decided it is my daughter’s turn to refuse to go to sleep and wake up at stupid o’clock – or even earlier! These are the evenings when she decided not to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time until finally flaking out at midnight – and then waking for a 3.30am feed.

Now of course I know she is only ten weeks old, but I’m sure the two of them have cooked up the plan together. On those days when she goes to bed late and wakes up for a feed in the middle of the night before he wakes up at 5am with all the spring of the Easter bunny, I could cry.

But of course with one smile they are both just too flipping cute for me to be too cross with them.

I’m sure sleep is overrated anyway!

** What is it with men and bathrooms?

Are men genetically programmed NOT to tidy the bathroom up after themselves?

My husband seems to think his shampoo and shower gel live on the side of the bath and not in the toiletries basket.

And when he baths my son, the toys obviously live in the bath and the towel on the floor.