KELLY BROWN: My little girl just can’t wait to get going – while the rest of us want her to stay still

IT STARTED with a determination to climb one step – and has ended with a scampering up the entire staircase.

At the end of last week, my little lady’s efforts finally paid off and she managed to struggle onto the bottom step.

She looked like the cat who got the cream and was so excited by her achievement.

But one step was seemingly not enough of a mountain to climb, and only three days later she was merrily scaling the entire staircase – full of giggles and smiles.

Cruising around the furniture is now seemingly as easy as ABC, as is making it across the living room with the help of her walker.

Well, she may be happy and I may be proud, but a little part of me has turned into one of those mums who want their little ones to stay babies forever. Although can someone hit me over the head if I’m still changing nappies when she is three?

They say with your first, you are constantly pushing them on to the next step, and with your second you want time to stand still.

But my little girl is having none of it.

She wants to dash around the house like her energetic brother, who is only too happy to encourage her.

Except of course he is learning that having a sister who wants to be like him has the side effect of her wanting everything he has, and wanting to be wherever he is.

It is almost like watching ‘me and my shadow’ in action.

So while he is more than happy to give her a cuddle, offer to pick her up and carry her (hmmm, maybe not by yourself yet, honey), and soothe her while she is crying, he is less enthusiastic about sharing his toys with her.

Suddenly her triumph also throws her into the category of being that annoying little sister who just won’t go away, rather than the novelty baby who just looks cute.

‘I do love her mummy, I just don’t want her to play with my toys,’ he tells me. It seems I am not the only one who doesn’t want her to grow up far too quickly!

Reach for the pegs

TEMPERATURES hit the dizzy heights of double digits this week.

But instead of reaching for a bikini (not that I’m entirely sure I would wear one any more) I reached for the pegs.

I was excitedly pegging out my washing in the garden, delighted it would take less than two days to dry.

My goodness, when did I turn into a grown-up? Oh yes, the day I started doing my food shopping on a Saturday night!

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