KELLY BROWN: My little ones do not need me as much any more – or so they think!

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

“MUMMY, I just going to ride my bike to the pond and then come back, okay?” my little man told me.

“MUMMY, I just going to ride my bike to the pond and then come back, okay?” my little man told me.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” Oh really? I don’t think so!

I think my three-year-old thinks he is ten years older – he is certainly bursting with confidence.

But that little declaration he was more than happy to go off on his own on a little walk near my home did make me chuckle. It was just like the time he told me in Chessington I could go on a ride without him and he would wait for me and watch. Needless to say, I let him down gently when I told him he could not be on his own.

Crikey, if he thinks he is happy to go off for a walk without me now, what is he going to be like in a few years’ time?

I suppose it is all part of that little independent streak which is starting to come through.

Apparently my help is not always needed (nor welcome) any more either.

He can dress himself, pour his own drinks and cut all his own food. Well, apparently at least – obviously some of these things depend on his mood.

And it is not as though I can comfort myself in the knowledge my little 15-month-old girl will still welcome my help.

I think Little Miss Independent is going to be worse.

She thinks she can do everything herself and is definitely in that mindset of ‘anything her big brother can do, she can do too’.

I need eyes in the back of my head as she tries to scurry up the stairs, grab the milk so she can pour it into her breakfast bowl, and attempts to ‘help’ me change her nappy.

And if I try to hold her hand while we are walking along... absolutely not, mummy, no help is needed here. Well, unless it gets tricky of course!

And I’m discovering every day that one consequence of my children trying to assert their independence is the fall-out when they can’t quite manage to do what they want, or I won’t let them.

Frustration takes over – usually followed by a few tears! Though to be fair, my son did take the news I was not letting him have his walk very well.

And I’m sure their tears will be replaced with my tears the older I get, and the less I am needed!

She just loves to dance

MY LITTLE girl just loves to dance and squeals with delight as she bops along to music.

She keeps showing off her moves, which include a shuffle backwards while swaying from side to side. It is her own little moonwalk!

Spinning is another favourite, as is just waving her arms around.

It is a real joy to watch her just be completely lost in what she is doing and just having fun. So cute!

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