KELLY BROWN: My shock after this mum-of-two was named as Scotland captain

IN A SHOCK announcement I was named as Scotland’s rugby captain. Well, almost.

A mis-type from one of my lovely Twitter followers accidentally linked my profile to his tweet about the ‘real’ Kelly Brown being named captain for Scotland’s clash against England at the weekend.

And then this mis-type was then shared by one of his followers – and, before you know it, I’m famous. Well, for about 30 seconds that is!

Now although my part-Scottish mother might be proud of the news this simple mum-of-two is breaking all the boundaries, I’m not sure my rugby-loving English dad would have been too impressed with my defection.

And I fear I would be more of a hindrance than a help to the Scots anyway!

But the amusing mistake did get me thinking that in life I now suddenly find myself predominantly cast into two roles.

And very few people see me in more than one on a regular basis.

There is Work Kelly, who most people think is sensible (don’t tell anyone any different), professional (seriously, don’t say anything) and multi-tasker supremo (multi-tasking being if I stop and think about things for too long, I will realise how tired I actually am).

And then there is Mummy Kelly. In this role I am playing with Play-Doh, chasing my little boy around the house when he won’t get dressed, and feeding my baby girl with one hand while cooking tea with the other.

Yep – yet more multi- tasking!

But I still do my best to keep my work life and my home life as separate as I can, because if I start to think about one while doing the other, my brain goes into meltdown.

And then throw in the wife, daughter, sister and friend roles... too much. I have to split up who I am sometimes, or I just can’t think straight.

So actually, while my naming as Scotland captain may have been both an accident and short-lived, it was fun to be cast in a completely different role which involved neither nappies or computers!

Back in Top Gear

I was laughing so much I was nearly crying when I watched the first episode of the new series of Top Gear.

Good old Jeremy Clarkson and co were in their usual top form, but it was Jezza’s ‘appearance’ in the Dragons’ Den which had me in fits.

Although I don’t watch that much TV these days, most of what I watch is American.

But it is great to have some good old-fashioned British humour in my telly schedule again.