KELLY BROWN: My son might think I’m magical, but I think he has all the real magic

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

EVERY child think their parents are magic – and it turns out their beds are too!

As I write this, my little man is fast asleep in my bed, exhausted after a long but exciting day out at Paultons Park.

Over-tired, he didn’t want to fall sleep in his own bed. Instead only mummy’s bed will do.

Perhaps it is because mummy’s bed is giant-sized compared to his, and there is a massive comfort in that.

After all, if you can’t have a cuddle from mummy, then the next best thing is a snuggle from mummy’s bed.

But it is not just mummy’s bed which has magical powers. Daddy’s plate has magic power too.

Because, of course food, off daddy’s plate tastes far better than food off his own plate.

Who knew when I was cooking the tea its taste differs depending on whose plate it ends up on.

But this is a principle which has multiple applications.

If my son doesn’t want his drink because he apparently ‘doesn’t like it’, put it into mummy’s special glass and it magically tastes different.

If he won’t eat a fish finger, swap it for one from my plate and it is devoured in seconds.

So basically I have the recipe for making my son do what I need him to do. Well, that is the theory, anyway – if only it were that simple!

Even if it doesn’t always work, the fact your child thinks you are magic is just magical in itself.

Who else loves you unconditionally and doesn’t care what you look like or if you are having a ‘grumpy’ day?

They really don’t care.

All they know is you are their hero and they absolutely adore you because they know just how much you adore them.

Absolute and unconditional love.

Actually, come to think of it, I think children are the ones with magical powers, not grown-ups. Who else has the power to make you smile (or drive you nuts) at the drop of a hat?

They can find the joy in everything, so if my little man wants to think my bed is magic and better than his – I’m not going to stop it!

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