KELLY BROWN: Now it's time to choose a school and not let it take over my life

IT IS one of the most important decisions I will have to make, but I'm absolutely determined not to get too stressed about it all.

Monday, 11th November 2013, 3:01 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:44 pm

Yes, it is suddenly that time when I have to choose a school which will set my little man off on his path in life.

Such responsibility – and such a lot to think about and juggle, to the point where I think I may need to turn my brain off.

I’ve visited the infant school in my catchment area after spending an evening working out what senior school it feeds into after the move 
to junior.

That happens seven years after he starts school, but you have to think about these things. Or do you?

And then there are the inevitable Ofsted reports to examine and ponder which praise or condemn a school after a short visit. Are the school’s weaknesses actually about bad teaching or about poor paperwork?

Is it better to consider a school which has a great, but three-year-old, Ofsted, or one which is apparently deemed not as good but is more recent and gives a more accurate picture.

And then there are more practical considerations.

Do I really want to choose a school which is miles away and means we will live nowhere near any of his new friends? Or do I opt for the school down the road with all his friends living nearby?

And then there is working out how to juggle drop-off, pick-ups, marrying up child care for his little sister, school holidays ... oh, the list is endless.

Maybe I should just end my school search now and save myself a massive headache.

The catchment school had a lovely feel to it when we were all walking through, escorted by pupils who were showing us around in their own adorable little way.

And all the pupils seemed happy – and it has a good reputation, as does the junior school. So what more 
do I need?

Choosing a school is such an important decision to make. But I need to make sure I choose where he will be happiest, and not be dazzled by statistics and reports.

No to Christmas

IT WAS wrong on so many levels. This week a car went past my window at work and was playing Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas song.

Now I accept November is fine for festive shopping or planning festive nights out.

But playing Christmas songs already is a step too far – and it comes only a week after I said it was too early for Christmas.