KELLY BROWN: Please sleep, will you return to the Brown household sometime soon?

SLEEP – where are you? You seem to have deserted me.

Well actually maybe I left sleep back in 2009, in my pre-children days, but needless to say I’d really like it back.

And I would like my children to share in some sleep too.

I feel like a walking zombie a lot of the time these days mostly thanks to the tag-team efforts of my little ones through the night. If it is not my son waking and attempting a covert operation to sneak into our bed, it is my daughter waking for a milk feed.

It was not too long ago when my husband and I were on the verge of that all-important milestone of regularly getting a full night’s sleep.

My son was getting out of the habit of waking – a habit which was born at the same time as his sister – and my daughter was starting to have the odd night of sleeping through.

A cough and cold later I’m finding myself awake up to five times a night. But no matter what the show – and the housework and the shopping – must go on.

The whole family seems to have come down with something. My little man even ended up having a pyjama day because he was so full of the cold, getting dressed to then spend the day snuggled up at home seemed a little pointless.

His disturbed sleep through the night has now became my disturbed sleep, as every time he wakes up with a cough it prompts an attempt to climb in with Mummy and Daddy.

My little lady is also full of the cold. And when her coughs fail to wake her up, her tummy steps in to do the job.Suddenly all her milk and her journey into the world of food is not enough to fuel her increasingly active days.

Now she is sitting up all by herself for periods of time, albeit surrounded by a massive pile of cushions, and the little monkey has even found a way to wiggle herself forward.

It is so amazing to watch her take those first inroads into crawling, but I just wish the result was not that she needed around-the-clock food.

Hopefully the cough mixture, and the solid food, will begin to do its job and sleep may be back on the cards for the Brown clan. Please!