KELLY BROWN: Pom poms and bonnets – but I was not allowed to help at all...

I HAD an important job at the weekend. I was in charge of glue.

Sad, but true, it was strictly ‘hands-off mum’ for me as my children partook in some Easter bonnet-making.

Both had the opportunity to take part in Easter bonnet competitions this week and both were eager to craft something special.

My first, very important job was to get supplies to make said hats.

So my daughter and I went shopping and got plain bonnets, feathers, chicks, stickers, pom poms and paper to use.

Then excitedly the pair of them sat down at the table and started to look though the various bits and bobs.

Now, I was already under strict instructions from the school and nursery not to help too much.

It had to be their own creations and so I was happy to just sit, watch them and help where needed.

My first job was to help both of them to tie feathery ribbons around the bonnets – something neither of them could do on their own 
and something which was allowed.

My second, and then as it turns out, my only other job was to hold the glue.

“Can you put the glue here mummy, and here, and here...”

Yes, you get the idea. I was there purely to meet their demands to provide the glue while they took all the glory by sticking and crafting.

Now I did have a few moments where I had to keep quiet and just let them get on with it instead of enforcing any of my OCD tendencies.

They were so proud of their creations and the fact they did it without the help of mummy.

And for me while they were all happy it was just a small reminder of how much they are both growing up.

At the weekend my daughter happily went off into a soft play area without me.

My son has been happy to go in without me for ages, but now suddenly she is too....

I suppose these are just small steps towards independence which shows just how fast they are growing up – and not proof I am surplus to requirements sometimes.