KELLY BROWN: So it seems the way to avoid queuing is to be a sweet little old lady,,,

When I’m old I have decided I’m going to behave badly.

Because it seems that if you are a sweet little old lady you can get away with anything.

This conclusion comes after what I witnessed while queueing in a busy shop the other day and I discovered something I never knew.

When you are a seemingly sweet little old lady, you never have to queue up with the rest of us. I know, who knew?

I was stuck in the rather long queue of a shop while the poor harassed shop assistants were trying to cope with difficult customers at their till – making the line even longer.

But while the rest of us sympathised/waited patiently/quietly got cross/decided not to bother buying anything, it seems there is a totally different set of options.

Let’s take exhibit one – the ‘leave your money and walk out’ option.

I watched with some amusement as one woman placed her money on the till – while another customer was being served – and told the shop assistant she was not prepared to queue as she walked out of the door. Yes she was told she couldn’t do that, but did anyone stop her when she refused to listen? No is the answer.

Then about a minute later another sweet little old lady (exhibit two) walked straight to the front of the queue, sweetly asked the woman at the front if she could go in front of her because she ‘only had one thing’ and was served immediately.

Yes there were lots of tuts and it goes against the whole ethos of waiting your turn (which we attempt to teach to small children), but again did anyone stop her?

And so I am left with one conclusion, it you can’t beat them, join them!

Imagine just how much time I would save when I go out shopping if I could just bypass the long line and jump the queue.

But I think I need to develop less of a guilt trip as I have always been terrible at accepting offered ‘priority’ help when I am out and about.

But maybe that comes with age too and I just won’t care (or notice) what other people think.