KELLY BROWN: So who’s been sleeping in my bed? I’ll give you two guesses...

SO apparently mummy’s bed is the best and most comfortable place in the whole wide world – why else would my little ones be desperate to be in there all the time?

When I put them my daughter into her own bed, I get a plea of ‘mummy’s bed’ from her as she vigorously points in the direction of my room.

And like the cruel parent I am, I have to say no, she is sleeping in her own bed much to her disgust and despite her pulling her saddest-looking face in the whole entire world.

Then when she wakes up in the middle of the night – which she still does every night, much to my sleep deprivation – I get a repeat plea of ‘mummy’s bed’ from her.

She still gets the same answer, well except if she is poorly, then I cave in!

Then when the morning comes and she is happily calling for me, I get the same little plea.

And she is so excited when I say ‘come on then’. She goes running off with all the enthusiasm of a little bunny into my room, clambers into my bed and tells me the spot in which I am supposed to lay down next to her to give her a cuddle.

Usually the spot is in between my daughter and her brother, who is equally fond of my bed.

Although he is past the phase of asking to sleep in my bed every night, he almost sleepwalks straight into it the next day – bed head intact.

And he likes nothing more than a pre-bedtime snuggle with me in my bed with a spot of television and warm milk, or thinks it is totally brilliant when we go away for the night and he has to share with me.

So what conclusion can I come to other than it must be the most comfortable place in the entire world?

Maybe to them it is like a giant extension of a mummy hug.

Snuggling down where I sleep is the nest best thing to a real mummy hug – and put them together, well!

Still, my daughter has found a second use for mummy’s bed which is great fun.

Apparently it makes a very good trampoline.