KELLY BROWN: Suntan lotion? Now it is all about trying not to get sunburnt

NO-ONE in their right mind ever sets out to get sunburnt.

Putting aside all the massive and obvious health risks, there is the other negative – it hurts!

So it is really is annoying if, like me, you are left with a touch of sunburn despite taking precautions.

Since I became a mum, covering myself in sunscreen on a hot day is just second nature. How times change.

When I was growing up things were very different – the education about the danger of the sun was only just beginning.

We would play out in the sun for hours and then would later be covered in ‘suntan lotion’.

It was all about being tanned – not about your skin being blocked from the sun!

And then there were the people who covered themselves in various oils to attract the sun. I can’t even imagine there are lunatics out there who would still do that.

Now it is the complete opposite, even to the point where some children are not getting enough sun – and therefore vitamin D – on their skin because they are being covered up too much.

I try to have the happy medium, helped by the fact my daughter will now keep her hat on because she thinks it is pretty. Her previous one was often dumped on the floor in disgust!

And so when I smother them with sunscreen, I use the same factor 30/50 on myself because it is just easier.

But I did it myself and successfully managed to put it across the top of my back and the bottom, but missed a thin line in between.

So you can guess where I got sunburnt and it was horrible, especially when trying to sleep.

Seriously, anyone who is happy to be sunburnt all in the name of getting a tan needs help!

But the most annoying thing is I didn’t put sun protection on my rather white-looking legs in an attempt to get them at least a little browner.

Did they attract the sun? NO!

So where I tried to cover up, I got burnt and where I didn’t cover up, there was nothing.

Confused? Well my skin seems to be!

My water babies

YOU know that saying ‘there must be something in the water’?

I think there must be some kind of truth in there somewhere because when my little ones get anywhere near water, they suddenly become hyper.

When they have their swimming lessons, both of them are very enthusiastic, and when they have a bath there is more splashing than washing.So you can imagine the carnage when the paddling pool came out on Sunday!