KELLY BROWN: Thanks for the seaside memories, but keep yours to yourself please mum

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

THERE is something magic about the sea air – it turns every grown-up into a big kid.

The sun (almost) got its hat on at the weekend, prompting a family day out along the coast at Hayling Island.

And as we headed for the funfair and penny slots the childhood memories all came flooding back, and may have come to life just a little.

Now first of all there was the walk along the seafront which, at first glance, looks simply like two grown ups, a little boy and a baby in a pushchair having a stroll.

But of course it was in fact a jolly holiday walk complete with races to the nearest lamppost again and again (which suddenly I now realise I was the only one who never won).

Piggy backs, shoulder rides and every child’s favourite past time, people watching, also featured on our little jaunt which also saw my husband and I turn into our parents.

Not only where we doing exactly the same things our own parents did with us as a child, but we were also boring the pants off our three-year-old boy by telling him about what we used to do as children.

Needless to say he was more interested in having fun than listening to mummy and daddy waffle on about themselves in a Grampa Simpson style!

Eventually we made it to the amusements and the arcades which is recipe for more family fun.

Now yes you could complain the price of the rides is too much, or the carpets in the penny slots could do with more than a good clean.

But you can’t because you are at the seaside. You know, the place where no matter how cold it is, it is mandatory for all children to want an icecream and grownups want fish and chips.

My husband was dragged onto a roller coaster, and my little lady was also loving the flashing lights and being able to post things without getting into trouble.

I was ordered onto the heltershelter with my son (like a slave to a master, someone had to carry his mat!) and so had to have a go at coming down as well. What fun, but don’t tell anyone.

I wouldn’t want anyone to know I’m just a big kid really.

A female F1 driver?

SO apparently we mere girls do not have the mental aptitude to race Formula One cars.

According to Sir Stirling Moss our feeble little minds just couldn’t hack it.

It’s a good job they don’t let these little women become astronauts, or juggle being a carer, cleaner, cook, children’s entertainer and worker with only two hours’ sleep.

But what does this mere woman know?

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