KELLY BROWN: The future is in the past and I’m wondering why I have cassettes...

IN CASE you have missed it – and if you have, how did you manage it? – it was ‘Back to the Future day’ this week.

So grab your hoverboard as October 21, 2015 was the day Michael J Fox’s Marty McFly went forward in time in the movie.

Predictably the technological advances of the film’s version of 2015 are not exactly perfect.

Pizzas don’t magically grow from the size of a coin within seconds, I still have to tie up my shoes and my clothes just don’t dry themselves.

And fax machines?

Remember them?

But to be fair, the world created doesn’t seem like a distant and far-off sci-fi world.

If you consider Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Running Man is set in 2017, then you get a good comparison of how much closer BTTF is.

Somehow I don’t think the X Factor will evolve into a show which places its lycra-clad contestants into mortal danger...

It just goes to show how difficult predicting the future can be.

When I look at my children and I see how comfortable they are with technology, it really makes me wonder what will be the next big thing they will get their heads around.

My son worked out how to use the television controller, my daughter can – haphazardly, admittedly – choose episodes of Peppa Pig on a tablet and can scroll through photos.

No doubt the world’s technology in 20 or 30 years’ time will be nothing like we can possibly imagine.

So how are you supposed to predict it all correctly?

I just hope whatever it is, I can actually keep up with it and not be shown up by my tutting children who will patronisingly take technology off me – and show me how to use it.

Somehow I sense this will one day be in my future though, no matter how hard I try not to get left behind. Yesterday I found old cassettes in a cupboard. What am I doing with them?

So for now I will just be freaked out knowing Back To The Future is now in the past and I’m going to be all confused.