KELLY BROWN: The move into a big girl bed is all going to a plan I just made up!

OPERATION ‘big girl bed’ has commenced – and so far it is all going to plan.

Well I say plan and that is not entirely accurate because it was actually a last-minute decision to rush it through.

I had originally planned to remove the sides from her cot at the weekend, but I saw she was starting to get tired on Friday last week so thought I would jump the gun and do it early

So after tea I settled her down on the sofa with a movie – Frozen obviously – and set about transforming her cot into a cot bed.

I found all the various screws and the like needed for the change, but not the instructions. But how hard could it be?

MMMmmm, well, not hard, just faffy! But 20 minutes later the job was done – and the instructions were found. At least I was able to check I had done it correctly.

And so I went downstairs to do another check on my little lady and bring her upstairs to show her the new ‘big girl bed’ – only to discover her fast asleep on the sofa. Typical.

Mummy obviously was not quick enough. So I had to wake her up and she was thrilled, albeit not tired any more.

When it came to that first bedtime she enthusiastically jumped in, enjoyed her bedtime stories and snuggled down.

She was still chatting away to herself 20 minutes later, and then I heard her at the stairgate quietly calling ‘muuuummmmmy’.

So cool as you like, in a way which would make Supernanny proud of me, I led her back to bed, gave her a kiss and cuddle and then she stayed there.

And every other night since she has been a little angel and has been telling anyone who will listen that she has a new bed.

And so, as I tick another item off the no-longer-a-baby list, I can start looking at her next big step – potty training!

Not that I am in a rush, I want to hold on to my baby girl for just a little while longer. I just hope that when we embark on it, operation potty training goes as smoothly!

Life is a beach...

MY GARDEN resembles a beach right now.

Not on purpose, it is just my children seem to be obsessed with sprinkling sand in piles all over my patio and turning it into a mini quarry.

Apparently keeping in the sand table, sandpit or in buckets just does not have the same element of fun.

Maybe I should just cover the whole of the patio with a tonne of sand and make it into a seaside resort!