KELLY BROWN: The things our little children find amusing is just simply baffling

THERE is nothing more amazing – and sometimes baffling – than a child’s sense of humour.

The things that tickle them can be so totally random or off-beat that the fact it amuses them so much is far funnier than the catalyst itself.

Take this weekend for instance. My little man was watching an episode of Peppa Pig in which she is upset because she is unable to whistle.

In it, she instantly hangs up on her friend Suzie the second she discovers Suzie can whistle.

Cue manic and uncontrollable giggling from my little boy who pleaded with me to rewind it so he can watch it again, and again, and again......

He found it to be the funniest thing in the whole world – reinforced by the fact his daddy rung the home phone seconds later, prompting him to copy Peppa Pig’s actions.

He was laughing so much he did not even hear me telling him off.

But how can you get cross with a little boy whose giggles almost make him fall off his chair?

It is an increasingly more frequent dilemma I have to face – especially now I have two little monkeys who find themselves and each other absolutely hilarious.

My little lady’s new favourite thing at the moment is – for better or worse – blowing raspberries.

And the more I tell her to stop it, the more she carries on in defiance and with a twinkle in her eye.

And of course her brother eggs her on by laughing at her.

Then she laughs at him...and then the whole thing just descends into a chaos of laughter in which mummy becomes a mere observer.

One of the nicest things is watching them amuse each other while sitting in the back of the car.

Goodness knows what they find so funny but at least it is better than the alternative of the fighting and arguing which is bound to be on the cards on a different day.

But one thing is for absolutely certain, the more they laugh the harder it is for me to assert my so-called authority. It seems laughter is more than just the best cure for illness!