KELLY BROWN: The washing and the unpacking – the downsides of going on holiday

THE problem with going on holiday is you have to come back again – and are faced with a pile of washing.

Our trip to France was fantastic and we have so many wonderful memories.

My little man excitedly dragged mummy on the zipwire (four times), we did lots of swimming, a little sightseeing and generally had lots 
of fun.

But, as they say, all great things must come to an end and we packed our bags and caught the ferry back on Sunday.

“Can we just go for one quick swim before we go home mummy?” my son pleaded with me when he woke up.

But he was to be very disappointed as we simply did not have the time.

And so the journey home was nowhere near as exciting as the journey there was.

When we got back – after finally escaping from the port in Portsmouth which seemed to take forever – the car was unpacked and the children were put to bed, most put out they could not have just one more evening where they could stay up just a little bit longer.

But it was not until they were out of the way that I could actually survey the end produce of our holiday – a dishevelled pile of suitcases, bags and lots of washing!

While everything is neatly packed and organised when you are going away, when you come back for some reason nothing goes back in quite the same ordered way.

Now admittedly there were some chocolates, wine and ‘bits and bobs’ added to the baggage, but even so the debris looked a sorry sight.

And so, days later, I have put my washing machine to good use and packed away most of the things I brought back with me.

My fridge is bare because I have not quite got around to fitting in a proper food shop yet and the suitcase and holdall are still loitering in the hallway because I have not yet found the time to put them in the loft. And when they are gone that will be it – holiday over.

But as I look through my photos and relive my memories, I start to think about my next one. Well a girl has to have something to look forward to!

World Cup dream

FOR the next few weeks you might be hearing me chat ‘USA, USA’ quite loudly.

Yes it is the Stars and Stripes for me in the World Cup after fate gave me the United States in our office sweepstake.

Not that I won’t be supporting England, but let’s be honest, no-one was really rooting for pulling them out of the hat!

But we can dream a little I suppose.