KELLY BROWN: These parents’ evenings are a doodle, well, for now at least ...

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

IT’S OFFICIAL. My son is a clever little monkey.

I always knew that anyway, but it makes me go all gooey and burst with pride to have someone else say it.

My husband and I took ourselves off to a parents’ evening at nursery school to have a catch-up on how my little man is doing.

Now, of course we speak to the staff every time we pick him up so we have an idea as to how he is getting on.

But trying to have a proper conversation while your son is either a) telling you he wants to go home NOW, or b) crying because he doesn’t want to go home just yet because he is having fun, is just far too difficult.

Also if you ask him what he has been doing today, my son’s standard response is ‘nothing’, while shrugging his shoulders.

Just when did my chatterbox three-year-old turn into Kevin the teenager?

To get some information out of him about his day we have started making up a story about what he did that day, and he fills in the blanks – eventually.

Anyway, I digress. So we crammed ourselves into the world’s tinniest chairs and settled down for a chat with his keyworker.

Now of course no chat would be complete without a colour-coded chart and a tickbox exercise, but luckily for us our monkey may be a little bit cheeky, but he is a clever little monkey for his age.

We were confronted with a sea of green for his age group, and even some green in the one for the older group too.

His speech is fantastic (yes, we knew that, it is getting him to stop talking which can be the problem!), he knows his numbers, he can make friends and he is keen to learn.

And, of course, he has an answer for everything. If he wasn’t really listening to what one of the staff was saying then he informs them it is because he was not wearing his listening ears.

Cue putting them on to listen!

I’m sure parents’ evenings are going to be much more trying the older he gets, but for now I’m just glad they are a delight.

Why do I do this?

I ACHE. Why do I exercise when I know I am going to pay for it days later?

Last week my lovely sister-in-law abandoned me in my boxercise class so I was paired up with the instructor – who made me do everything twice instead of taking turns.

Needless to say I ached for days. And this followed my pride at being able to do a bridge in body balance a few days earlier. More aches, and more questions about why I do this to myself!

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