KELLY BROWN: What an exciting Christmas, but I didn’t feel like a 2013 celebration

SO THAT’S it. A whole year until I can again threaten to call Father Christmas if my little ones are misbehaving.

Somehow calling the Easter Bunny doesn’t have the same ring to it!

But also it hopefully means it will be a whole year until all children get themselves into ultra-hyper mode during the countdown to the big day.

Seriously, I don’t know a parent whose children were not transformed into an over-hyped youngster, no matter how much you tried to downplay the big day. Must be one of those instinctive things!

The recycling bins of too-many-a-home were overflowing with wrapping paper and cardboard boxes, while fridges groaned under the weight of leftovers!

Last year, we were opening pressies until almost a week after Christmas as a result of the combination of doing the rounds on Christmas Day and my son wanting to play with every toy he opened.

And although we just had a quiet one at home this year, we were still opening gifts at the weekend.

Mind you, I was pleased I didn’t have enough left-overs to feed the 5,000 because I was very strict with my food shopping and kept Christmas Day’s offerings very simple.

(It also meant I beat the people to the tills who were filling up their trollies as though the shops were closed for weeks.)

I do love Christmas, but it always seems to be followed by the anticlimax of new year where you get charged a fiver just for a privilege of going to the pub for a drink.

I was not even sure if I could be bothered to stay up until midnight to see in the new year.

But social convention (and a waking baby) kicked in and I ended up staying awake just long enough to see Jools Holland, Big Ben and our neighbours attempt to outdo each other in the fireworks stakes.

I just don’t feel as excited about the new year as I do about Christmas and probably won’t until my little ones are big enough to participate.

Then... let the family celebrations commence.


Mission possible?

My mission in 2013 is to get to the cinema more than just a handful of times through the year.

This year there were loads of films on I wanted to see but never got around to it, or could not face the increasing number of three-and-a-half-hour offerings, PLUS trailers.

But, I really do love that feeling of watching a great film for the first time on the big screen.

Makes me feel like a big kid again.

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