KELLY BROWN: What does my little lady find so fascinating about a juice bottle?

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

NOW I know all children have weird obsessions, but a bottle of orange squash is a new one on me.

My lovely little lady is into absolutely everything.

Opening drawers, sticking her fingers into tiny holes, grabbing all things that she really shouldn’t – you name it, my monkey does it.

And of course she is fixated on certain objects which have grabbed her attention and she absolutely loves.

Her toothbrush is one (which I’m happy with because then at least it is not a daily fight to clean her teeth) and her comforter is another. All perfectly normal.

And for some reason whenever we go upstairs she heads straight for the bathroom.

Apparently the flannel and toilet roll is far more interesting than her toys in the room directly opposite.

But her latest fixation has me absolutely baffled... the bottle of orange squash in my cupboard.

Maybe it is the colour, maybe it is the moving liquid, maybe it is because she sees her brother going into that cupboard.

Or maybe it is simply the fact mummy keeps taking it off her.

Whatever it is, this bottle of squash is the best thing in the entire planet as far as she is concerned.

Every time she goes in the kitchen, that cupboard is her first port of call.

Still at least it makes a change from her previous obsession which was the drawer which is the home to her plates, bowls, cups and spoons.

Needless to say, on more than one occasion I have found my kitchen floor littered with plastic crockery.

But the weirdest part of this little tale of obsession is the fact her big brother wants to be a part of it.

Now, he has his own little fixations which mostly involve where he posts his cars in his room or setting up his train track and making sure a special piece is used.

But when he declares to me it is his turn to play with the orange squash bottle, simply because his sister has been playing with it, I’m at a loss.

Who knows what the next obsession will be?

My little superhero

I WAS surrounded by mini Supermans, Spidermans and even a Buzz Lightyear at the weekend.

Yes, it is birthday party season, and my son was invited to a superhero-themed birthday party.

And while his friends were running around in their outfits, my own little man ‘doesn’t do’ dressing up.

The closest I could get was putting his Spiderman t-shirt on him. But I’m a little proud he knows his own mind and not just a copycat – for now...

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