KELLY BROWN: Where can I find the shop which sells those extra pairs of eyes?

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

IS THERE a shop which sells those ‘eyes in the back of your head’? If so, I want some please!

IS THERE a shop which sells those ‘eyes in the back of your head’? If so, I want some please!

Actually, also add to my shopping basket some extra-long elastic.

That way I can tie one to each of my little monkeys and they can’t run away in opposite directions.

It is almost as if the pair of them collude and figure out the best way to keep me on my toes.

If I am out and about for a walk with them on my own at the park or the woods, you can guarantee if my son goes one way, my daughter will run off in the other.

It was okay when she was in the pushchair. Strapped in, she could not escape anywhere.

But now she is far from content just watching the world around her from her cosy seat, it throws in an ‘added challenge’ every time I go out.

Luckily there are moments when my little man feels like being helpful.

If his sister decides to go her own way, he will go running after her to stop her from getting too far.

But, like the best comedy duos, there are moments when their combined efforts to bamboozle mummy resemble a sketch from an old TV show.

All I need is the Benny Hill theme tune playing in the background as I chase after them. And the little double act does not stop there.

Even sitting side-by-side in a trolley, they have mischief written all over their faces as they giggle and enjoy their own private world and jokes.

If one laughs, the other laughs 
back. If one pulls a funny face, the other does the same thing. If one decides to pick up some shopping from the shelves and drop in into the trolley ... you get the idea!

Still, I prefer the amusing double act to the argumentative double act and the drama when he picks up her cushion, or she picks up his toy.

And it just means I have to accept that when I take the two of them out on my own, I’m not going to get any peace. At all!

Sitting down to watch them play? What’s the point? I will only be on my feet two seconds later to sort out one or the other.