LAURA CARTLEDGE: A bit of escapism helps the mundane go down

Why not – that’s the approach I am trying to take of late. After all, this journalism job means I get invited to some weird and wonderful things.

Highlights so far include – but are not limited to – bra-making, visiting The Gambia, mushroom-picking with Raymond Blanc and indoor skydiving.

Granted I can’t make it to everything.

For instance, I’ve already turned down more ‘Curry Week’ celebrations than I’ve had hot tikkas and that doesn’t happen until October.

Declining is purely because I don’t have a time machine or clones to make it possible, you understand – if they scattered the events about, I’d happily have Indian food every night for the month.

I’ll admit not all appeal as strongly and there are some where the phrase ‘going to the opening of an envelope’ comes to mind.

But what I can do, I’m trying to do. And I think it is a case of so far – so good.

Which is why this week’s diary boasts an eclectic mix of engagements, from the launch of Rolls-Royce’s new motor to fly fishing in Andover and pottery painting in Washington.

Then there’s attending a gift fair at Knepp Castle, having lunch in Wisborough Green with a wine charity and meeting a boozy baker.

Now I list it like that, perhaps a time machine would come in useful...

However, I am also very aware that, in this modern world of ours, a lot of things get ‘rose filtered’.

Pressure is put on because life is portrayed as perfect.

It is like keeping up with the Jones has been given a hyper-drive reboot and social media is the fuel.

So, with that in mind, lets scrape under the shiny paintwork of my week a little.

Our new-to-us-but-quite-old-really house is in the midst of being completely rewired.

So far this means we have all the furniture in the centre of each room, post-it notes on the walls to indicate where we want sockets adding and I’m not completely sure I’ll have an oven to cook on tonight.

Finding out the work was needed made my heart sigh and our already battered bank account weep a little.

But it is needed.

Learning none of it is earthed, or ‘grounded’ as I told my dad when passing on the news, means I shut my eyes and hope every time I plug in my phone charger.

With all this swirling around my head and one ear constantly listening for a call from home telling me something else has been uncovered, you might forgive me if I don’t look completely at ease here next to my new friend Dawn.

But it is that sense of being outside my usual comfort zone which is getting a bit addictive.

That sense of ‘I did that’ or at the very least, ‘I was there’.

It is escapism, there’s no doubt about it.

A bit now and then helps keep the more mundane moments at bay. And I can’t help that feeling it is good for you.