LAURA CARTLEDGE: Don’t leave us, Scotland – even if we hens ruffled a few feathers...

I’M NOT a clingy person – but I don’t want Scotland to leave.

There are many reasons I think they should vote no in the upcoming referendum.

Some are sensible, some could just about pass as senti...mental.

I feel weirdly responsible.

Despite the fact I know, or rather hope, it won’t be a personal thing if they do vote for independence.

The hen do in Edinburgh last week lasted only four days and you can’t make such a bad impression that quickly, can you?

Okay, so the policeman wearing the high-vis jacket that the 17 of us hens made ‘king of neon’ on our 80s-themed night might be glad to see the back of us.

However, as far as I am aware there were no other diplomatic incidents.

Just lots of beautiful buildings, friendly people and staring at tins of haggis wondering if it would make a good souvenir or not.

But all the tartan beach towels, notes with castles on and stag-shaped whisky bottles aside, I’m serious about this.

And I will feel we’ve all failed a little if we can’t work it out.

I don’t want Scotland to leave the UK because there are enough splits going on already. If we can be united, as a kingdom or otherwise, I firmly think we should. After all, if the saying proves true, it’s when divided we fall.

I’ve read the reasons, both for and against breaking up.

Things like being fed up with the English government I think is one everyone can relate to, regardless of what side of the border you call home.

Then there’s talk of the university fees and free prescriptions, and the questions of how it is all funded. And the fact your right to vote is based on where you live, not where you were born or grew up.

From where I am looking, there are a lot of grey areas and I fear when they come into the light, we might not like what we see and it might be too late to fix it.