LAURA CARTLEDGE: It is all feathers, fans and corsets as I head to join 
a burlesque class

THIS week I have been getting in touch with my inner showgirl.

Yes, you have read that right.

My latest adventure, all in the name of feature-writing, has been to head to a burlesque class.

There were feathers, fans, corsets and little old me.

So just an ordinary day in the office then...

To say I felt like a fish out of water would be an understatement.

I was like Gillian McKeith in a greasy spoon, or Jeremy Clarkson on a bus.

It didn’t help that the instructions included ‘bring heels you can walk in’.

For me those are very different things.

There are heels.

And there are shoes I can walk in.

Which meant I started my lesson in glamour by rooting under my bed for the only pair of non-flat footwear I own.

Needless to say it was no surprise they still had the sticker on from when I bought them.

As prepared as I would ever be, I headed into the unknown.

However met by feather boas on chairs and a smile from our teacher Dawn Gracie, I knew I would have no choice but to have fun.

Things started gently with a insight to burlesque and being reassured the session would be more about adding confidence than taking anything off.

Three of my fellow students had been before and had their character names to prove it.

Sitting alongside Ginger Sparkle, Amethyst Blush and Luscious Honeybush it struck me ‘Laura’ wasn’t quite cutting the mustard.

Dawn, or rather, Scarlet Daze explained one way to create an alter-ego was to take the name of your first pet and your mother’s maiden name.

And without further ado I was Skippy Sentance, which seems quite apt with my day job and all.

Then we were off.

Posing, pouting and strutting our stuff.

In-between giggles of course.