LAURA CARTLEDGE Life’s like That...Flying by the seat of my pants through the Year of the Dragon

For most of us Monday was not a day we would have made a song and dance about.

But that wasn’t the case for many, as Monday marked the Chinese New Year – kick-starting 15 days of celebration.

This is the year of the dragon, which sounds so much better than 2012 doesn’t it?

The dragon, a symbol which was reserved for the emperor in ancient times, represents power, strength and luck.

I guess now is the time that I should probably admit my own vested interest in this sign, and this year, due to the fact that...according to the Chinese signs and some people that know me...I am a dragon.

To be honest I think I have got off lightly.

Especially as my sister is a horse and one of my parents is an ox. While other years include those represented by a pig, rat, monkey or snake, which isn’t so charming.

In fact, despite the bad press dragons get in some cultures Chinese tradition states those born under the sign are innovative and highly driven, which is nice. However it also states they are brave...which anyone who has watched The Lion King with me will tell you I am not.

But there might be a reason for this. My birthday falls before the Chinese New Year. So I could be a rabbit. Or perhaps a fiery and furry crossbreed.

** Seeking inspiration

It’s no secret that I love making things.

And in the past I have turned my hand to everything from pottery to quilting, glass fusing and furnishings.

However while I am not short of materials I am short of ideas.

So this is an appeal for help, ideas and inspiration.

Whether you are part of a local class or just crafty, please get in touch.

Who knows? It could end up in print...