LAURA CARTLEDGE Life’s like That...Getting in a real road rage about drivers who use their mobiles

I’m not an angry person. In fact my attempts at having a grump are more likely to amuse than concern people and my silver-lining-finding skills are second to none.

But there are a few things that are guaranteed to get my goat. And bad drivers have to the top the list.

Whether it is not indicating or people who drive so close to your backside they might as well just sit in your boot, there is a whole host of things guaranteed to give me road rage.

But the worst of all has to be people who use their phones while driving. If you have something to say that is so very important you simply can’t wait until you arrive at your destination, try this special manoeuvre – pull over. That’s it.

The reason it is illegal to use your mobile while motoring isn’t because the government wants to prevent you talking to your partner about dinner or your mates about weekend plans.

It’s because they want to keep you alive – after all you won’t be able to make any plans six foot under.

Cars are weapons on wheels if the road is not given the respect it deserves. And people who ignore this are doing something worse than risking their own lives – they are risking other peoples. It is utterly selfish.

A split second is all it takes and can mean a family is ripped apart, a friend lost forever or a young child is stopped from getting to see their next birthday cake.

I am a strong believer you should be responsible for your own actions, but the innocent driver that could get hurt because of your reckless stupidity wouldn’t be given that choice.

I know the vast majority of people reading this won’t be guilty of careless phone calling but, like me, you will see others who are.

And, like me, until now you may have been too polite to do more than heave a sad sigh when you do. But I think it is time we made our feelings known.

So when you see someone not playing by the rules, please let us throw our restrained British nature out of the window.

A (safe) beep, a glare or a hand gesture of your choice could after all save lives. And let’s be honest, it feels pretty damn good too.