LAURA CARTLEDGE Life’s like That... My little sister is getting too big – but she is still my very best friend

i don’t know which part of being my ‘little’ sister that my sister doesn’t understand.

I mean, I have already come to terms with the fact she is taller than me, got a boyfriend and can drive. But on Monday she is going one step too far by turning the grand old age of 21.

And I just don’t think it should be allowed, to be honest.

Being siblings normally brings with it bickering, playfights and plenty of shouting ‘Muuuuum’.

And while I can’t say this have never happened, it is very rare.

We’ve always been close. Almost to the point where it crosses the line into creepy.

In fact, I remember one particularly funny afternoon where she came up with the theory we were actually twins – I’d just arrived a bit early.

It’s not just that we share everything – or rather she steals my clothes, car and straighteners and I let her. She is hand on heart my best friend.

While the saying goes you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family, I’d choose her every time.

Despite being slightly serious about not wanting her to grow up, I am loving watching her develop.

Witnessing her do battle with – and defeat – the trials of university, for instance, has been fantastic.

Although it hasn’t been long since I made the same journey, you never really see it in the same way when it is you doing the walking.

I have been able to use my own experience to help guide her and in turn it has enabled me to make sense of it.

I honestly didn’t realise how hard a degree was, or indeed how hard I worked, until I saw her go through it.

It may only seem like yesterday that she was cute and adorable – sorry, but as big sister, it is my job to wind her up.

No matter how big or old or grey and wrinkled she gets, I am so lucky she will always be my little sister.

So happy birthday. And I hope this hasn’t embarrassed you...too much.