LAURA CARTLEDGE Life’s like That...Nothing can match a good old-fashioned cinema outing

I’m not a film buff by any stretch of the imagination.

In fact, on one occasion, I even managed to confuse Tom Hanks with Bruce Willis.

And I will admit I still pause before talking about either of them to make sure the mistake isn’t repeated.

However, while I won’t be winning any pop-quizzes anytime soon, it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a trip to the cinema.

It is not just a chance to escape – from the washing up, the world or the weather.

For me it is an adventure in its own right, regardless of what is on screen.

Granted my enjoyment isn’t usually directed at the film which is showing, but at the chance to eat popcorn and indulge in my favourite pastime – people watching.

There will always be the uncomfortable couple who have opted for an easy first date – namely sitting in a dark room and not talking to one another.

Something I have always found a little strange, but then it would be fair to say I do like a good old chinwag.

But not while the film is on. Oh no. For me that is a crime which would be best dealt with by installing ejector seats and ideally handing me the big red button which launches them.

Same applies for the people who sit there on their phones, illuminating themselves like little beacons. While my full attention may not be on the blockbuster in front of me either, at least I am quiet and discreet about it.

People and film aside, I also love the cinema as a building – especially old ones. The Picturedrome in Bognor is a particular favourite of mine, with its red velvet, high ceilings and the slight smell of warm dust which signals the reel is rolling.

I like that it has an identity and an atmosphere. It just has that feeling of times gone by, a well-loved warmth if you will. Something a multiplex, with its neon lights and painful ticket prices, doesn’t come close to.

For me there aren’t many things that beat an evening at the Picturedrome with family or friends.

Like many families, some films hold special meaning. For instance Harry Potter is something my dad and I share, while I will go with my sister to see anything with penguins in it.