LAURA CARTLEDGE: Time for a little less conversation and a little more voting please...

THE LAST time Austria won Eurovision was the year England won the World Cup.

Now I’m not saying that’s ‘a sign’.

There’s no twinkly, twilight zone, is-it-a-coincidence-or-something-more music.

It’s a slightly interesting fact, at best.

And at worst – a way to combine two things which get lots of attention in one headline.

Make of that what you will.

To be honest, really honest, I’m not that fussed about either.

Well, not so much ‘not fussed’. More that as much as we can talk about both, they are, ultimately, out of our control.

The song contest was, as it always is, an excuse – either hold a party and embrace it or go out to avoid it.

Chances are we will all agree, it’s not a talent show.

And many may agree it’s politics dressed in an outrageous frock, perched on top of ladders (other random props are available) and smiling until something cracks. Many might not.

While as much as we can all play at being Roy Hodgson – with positive oohs and negative arghs – deep down we know the football results will largely be down to luck. Luck of the draw and luck of finding the right net...

Talking and waving our tea, even if the mugs have England flags emblazoned on them, is not going to stop the players getting hamstring injuries as they step aboard the plane.

I want us to do well, and chances are if we do, I’ll paint my nails with St George white and red.

But it just frustrates me how much talking is spent on things that either don’t really matter or that we can’t change.

And no, the irony of putting that in one of my columns has not escaped me.

Anyone had a conversation in the pub lately about the EU elections?

Perhaps start one? As a week today is a chance to have a say that counts.