LETTER: A27: All schemes fail in all respects

We see many criticisms of the HE proposals, but no real alternative solutions apart from my two options; and no one, as far as I am aware has commented on these.

Sunday, 18th September 2016, 12:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:07 pm

Furthermore, correspondents ignore the fact a bypass is basically for the reduction of conjestion in the city by removing all through traffic and allowing this through traffic unhindered passage.

All the current schemes proposed by HE fail in all respects because the bypass cuts through between the main city conurbation and the Manhood Peninsula, which is why attempts were made at the outset to get a Northern Bypass.

My first scheme (a solution to the objections raised by local landlords that such a road would ruin the environment) was a cut and cover scheme for a Northern Bypass which, once constructed, would return the landscape to its present beauty.

The second, published in the 18 August (I think) edition, was for the elimination of all obstacles to through traffic on the present bypass and the addition of an east and a west lane to the bypass which would allow local traffic to turn left at any of the present junctions and reach the Fishbourne or Bognor Road junctions in two or three minutes to allow drivers to cross the bypass and join it in the opposite direction or to enter either Chichester or the Manhood Peninsula. Such crossover points would be within two or three minutes of any left turn, less than often spent queuing to cross the bypass.

Through traffic could bypass Chicester in about three to four minutes rather than the 20, 30 or more minutes which I have experienced.

I have submitted details of both these schemes to HE and suggested the latter, which would involve no destruction of any properties and no ugly flyovers at Stockbridge and Whyke Road, no Stockbridge Link Road, and would leave a connection between the two parts of the Oving Road via left turns to either the Bognor Road or Portfield roundabouts, could be built for about £200 million.

Instead of saving ony a few minutes for traffic along the bypass, it would save 20, 30 or more minutes and have a really high benefit/cost ratio.

K W Newby

Elm Park