LETTER: A27: Improvements to the option

Firstly, may I say how relieved I am common sense has prevailed and the northern bypass scheme has been abandoned.

Wednesday, 31st August 2016, 4:38 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:06 pm

A. It was far too expensive

B. It was going to cause unforgiveable desecration of a stunning area of countryside

C. It would undoubtedly have led to an infill of residential and possibly industrial development to the north of Chichester, thereby ruining the unique setting we enjoy.

I was alarmed to see Alan Carn, of Whyke Residents Association, appears to consider it unimportant to keep east-west and vice versa traffic flowing along the A27.

His association believe it is more important residents to the north and south of the A27 should have access (including right turns). The government quite rightly are providing funding first and foremost to keep traffic moving along the A27 in both directions.

Any scheme which compromises this important objective must surely be discarded. Any scheme with traffic lights (even synchronised for traffic optimisation) would be a short term fix and have to be revisited after a few years.

The reason the vast majority of those polled are in favour of option 2 is that it does away with the numerous interruptions we now have to endure at six intersections. It also permits ease of access to the A27 in both directions, from both north and south.

Objections have been raised about Option 2 and I feel this option could be improved, through making it less costly and less intrusive. I suggest:

FISHBOURNE –per option 2

STOCKBRIDGE – from south left turn only onto A27. From north left turn only

WHYKE – flyover as per option 2

BOGNOR ROAD –per option 2

OVING –per option 2

PORTFIELD – Do away with roundabout. Slip road to and from Sainsbury’s from eastbound carriageway. Motorists from Worthing direction wishing to use retail park/crematorium etc come off either at existing under-used Westhampnett interchange or carry on to new Bognor Road interchange, and double back.

NEW STOCKBRIDGE RELIEF ROAD – Could reduce its length by half. It is only required between new roundabout on B2201 and the new Fishbourne interchange. So, no need to ruin the view of the city as portrayed by Turner, by bridging the canal.

At Stockbridge it may be realistic to have no access to A27 (ie make a cul-de-sac). Stockbridge residents would access the A27 via new Stockbridge relief road to go east, west or north at the new Fishbourne interchange.

The new ‘non-stop’ A27 does not need to be a high speed motorway specification highway. A simple dual carriageway with a speed limit of 50 or 60mph is quite sufficient, thereby reducing traffic roar and pollution.

I am in full agreement with others who realise ticking ‘No options’ is unhelpful and will merely retain the current chaos and misery that we have endured for years.

David Blackford

Mill Lane