LETTER: A27: Why drop the north route?

I would like to understand precisely why the northern route has been put aside for the current consultation. Why just these southern options are being presented.

Sunday, 11th September 2016, 1:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:02 pm

To simply exclaim about the lovely countryside just does not hold proverbial water.

It can be argued that a northern bypass opens up the countryside for more to see while driving and not just accessible for locals and walkers.

The statistics show the enormous amount of traffic currently using one major road. The benefits are surely obvious that this traffic issue shared, between a new northern road and the existing southern, is the ideal long term solution. Halving the traffic for the south potentially.

It makes perfect sense for the northern option to be considered. The southern route has to deal with the lengthy railway crossing being closed several times a day affecting access to the Stockbridge and Fishbourne roundabouts.

The southern route contends with beach traffic, for several months, blocking as we all know, not only the A27 but also the one and only road to the Witterings.

So let us please have some fairness in this enormous decision. Let us share the pain of living in this beautiful part of the country. Please don’t let the south suffer on its own.

It is time for the north to help its long suffering neighbour and consider positively the benefits of the northern option. Surely easier access to the Goodwood estate for the thousands of visitors heading to events for example. Better access to the cathedral and theatre possibly. And perhaps even better for local emergency services. Please don’t let the south suffer on its own.

Vivienne Barnes

The Witterings