LETTER: '˜Bypass' needs an overhaul

This is an open letter to West Sussex County Council to draw their attention to the quite appalling state of Chichester's existing Northern Bypass.

Tuesday, 12th April 2016, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:41 pm

This much-used, and much-needed, stretch of ‘highway’ has been somewhat neglected by the WSCC and needs upgrading as a matter of urgency.

Potholes abound, verges are collapsing, loose stones are all around and a 30mph speed limit needs to be extended to cover its entire length, so that HGVs, tractors and coaches can squeeze past each other safely.

The road needs widening and resurfacing and I query the loadbearing abilities of the bridges in both East Lavant and Hunters Race. But even with these obvious problem areas, this vital highway is an essential amenity for commuters and heavy goods lorries; and should be appropriately signposted so as to ease the existing pressures on the A27’s Southern Bypass!

Alternatively, this ‘Northern Bypass’ needs to be closed to all but truly essential traffic, recognised as a conglomeration of rural lanes and left to decay!

It is a series of hazards for all road users, from HGVs to cyclists. West Sussex Highways must be myopic, or blind, and there are never any police patrols around to catch speeding traffic, as 40-ton lorries, taking this shortcut, disregarding the signs prohibiting this passage, or speed.

So, WSCC, which is it to be? Closure or signposting? Total abandonment or upholding the rights of villagers to live safely?

David Owgan