LETTER: Cash benefits of public service

The Chichester Court closures raise questions over how spending of taxpayers' money is prioritised.

Sunday, 20th November 2016, 7:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:08 pm

Nationally, the legal industry benefits from considerable sums being spent on public enquiries, the massive expansion in Human Rights processes and EU level litigation. Meanwhile local provision of justice and policing reduces.

Despite the headlines, overall public expenditure continues to increase. One element is the growth in the class who benefit from publically funded six figure pay, pension and payoff packages.

While Local Government has significantly reduced senior positions the plethora of taxpayer funded charities, trusts, agencies, service providers, regulators, associations, education and cultural entities, etc have expanded opportunities for ‘executives’ to enlarge their cut from the public purse – all away from direct public visibility and accountability.

This class of Enarques, Apparatchiks and progressive elites seem as much interested in their own financial status as acting as public servants. It is difficult to engender a sense of common endeavour in the public sector when some at the top look after themselves all too well. Time to call their bluff and find out if they could command such pay in the private sector?

The Scots conducted a democratic revolution after deciding that for all the vast public spending not much changed while a political and public sector elite looked after its own, a feeling echoed in the EU referendum and the USA. So when you next hear demands for the public sector to do more, spare a thought to whom might actually be benefitting, financially, the most.

Simon Oakley

Churchwood Drive