LETTER: Consider the air quality issue of traffic

In considering your response to the Chichester Observer survey, consider the air quality/public health issue being created by the rat runs through the city and by the congested traffic on the A27 itself.

Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:41 am

Whether you live north, south, east or west, we are all affected to some degree or another by fine particulate contamination (known as PM2.5 and acknowledged by the Government to be a major impact causing premature death and worryingly the brains of our children). We should take this golden opportunity to reflect these concerns when we have our say on the A27 suggestions.

Those living in the inner city are clearly more exposed to fine-particulate pollution as the dispersal is diminished by buildings close to the rat run routes that have become increasingly known by use of sat-nav.

With the prevailing wind being from the south west, those school children and residents living close to the A27 will also be more exposed.It is inevitable that there will be a degree of NIMBYism in the responses to the survey. Making sure you enter your post code and giving ‘air quality/public health’a mention would help demonstrate the community is united in this respect. When having your say, please consider two key things – a) the likely effects from the housing and retail developments in the District, and b) the exacerbated impact to traffic congestion, diversion and subsequent pollution during construction of any of the online (i.e., existing bypass) solutions likely to take up to four years to complete as stated by Highways England.

Robert D. Marson, Worcester Road, Chichester