LETTER: Ideas are not consistent

I continue to be surprised at the inconsistency of the advice give by our councils.

Saturday, 4th June 2016, 11:45 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:04 pm

In the past we have been encouraged to be ‘green’ and ride bicycles or car share, ie. reducing traffic, congestion and pollution as much as possible.

Then the idea that traffic should not be able to cross the A27 at Stockbridge and Whyke Road roundabouts was mooted.

I presumed that this idea had been put to one side because of the adverse reaction to it by sensible people who could predict the outcome.

Then we were told that the Oving traffic lights would be taken away because of even more housing in the area.

It seems that the connection between this endless house building and congestion on our roads has not yet been made.

Finally, and this really does beggar belief, it has been suggested that the mobile refuse centres should be closed and that everyone should use the Westhampnett Amenity Tip instead.

I visit the mobile household waste facility in Selsey outpost most Fridays and it is very well used indeed.

I have checked on maps and google to find the following details.

It is a 25 mile round trip to go to Westhampnett from Selsey via the Fishbourne roundabout and would take 50 minutes without traffic, a meaningless figure because there is always too much traffic. I wonder if anyone has figures for how many cars visit this facility.

How can all these ideas even be considered by intelligent people who are employed to improve the running of Chichester and surrounding area.

Wendy Devonshire

Lane End

Sidlesham Common