LETTER: Knowledge of plans is power

We agree with Sally Pavey of Communities Against Gatwick Noise & Emmissions '“ Airport major election issue '“ May 5th.

Monday, 15th May 2017, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:19 pm

Since 2015 the Sussex coast, as well as further inland, has become noisy with commercial planes that now fly much lower than they used to do.

The Government enabled these changes to take place through its plans to modernise UK Aviation, by freeing up airspace for the doubling of aviation flights over the next 30 years.

Most people have no idea about what is coming down the line in the near future.

Were you aware of The London Airspace Consultation in 2013?

Why should we be? This is Sussex I hear you say.

Well, it may be Sussex but the sky above us is considered to be London’s airspace.

Our local government bodies; West Sussex County Council and local district councils know about the proposed changes to the skies above Sussex but the parish councils and the man-in-the-street know next to nothing because this information has not been adequately disseminated nor publicised, our local press seem to have a blind spot in relation to this matter too.

Local MPs refuse to acknowledge that there is a growing problem with these noisy aircraft. Even when contacted about it, if it doesn’t affect them personally, it doesn’t exist.

For those of us who find ourselves, so called, sensitive to the roar, rumble, drone and whine of these planes, the noise pollution problems have already begun but they will soon affect many more people.

Gatwick is being given the green-light by Government to expand, secretly and stealthily, meaning there is less likelihood of proper controls on night flights for example.

Flight paths are being concentrated along narrow bands and eventually some areas across Sussex are going to get no respite from the noise, as Gatwick operates 24 hours a day/night.

And just because you aren’t under a flight path now, do not imagine this will always be so, The Government has ensured that the systems in place mean that the CAA can alter flight paths without consulting the public.

Holding stacks (where planes go round and round waiting for permission to land) are to be moved from inland, to off the Sussex coast, so we will suffer all that noise, too.

People need to familiarise themselves with the Government’s and the aviation industry’s proposals, and fast.

Knowledge is power; don’t let those who say they have our best interests at heart take your power away, MPs take note!

M Roberts & family

Sea Avenue