LETTER: Lack of detail in the routes

I'm dismayed to see such a lack of detail in any of the routes presented in the Observer and wonder how our community is expected to make a choice without having clear and concise information about the routes, costs and any reasonable traffic data?

Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:41 am

I’ve been supporting and hoping that the BABA27 meetings would be able to present a creditable alternative but I can only assume that Highways England must consider the WSCC to be a bumbling bunch of amateurs from the disappointingly inadequate results so far.

There does appear to be a significant amount of hubris on display by a county council that believes it can solve the considerable problems of the A27, with such limited time, limited funds and clearly limited experience.

I’m also disappointed to say that throughout the whole process WSCC have been working with a complete lack of transparency and now they appear to expect the community to vote blindfolded on one of the biggest issues of this area.

I. Webster, Stocks Lane, East Lavant