LETTER: Make less free with reputation

Dulcie Levett all but accuses '˜the bods in the cathedral' of self-interested deceit in having two lime trees there declared diseased and dangerous, and cut down (letters, August 10).

Tuesday, 22nd August 2017, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:24 pm

She says when felled their trunks should have been inspected by someone independent of the cathedral or council. Being so concerned, did she not herself take a close look? Even a non-expert can often spot decay, or its absence, in felled trees.

She claims ‘the cathedral and council are turning Chichester into a dump... run by incomers who don’t give a damn about the soul of our city as long as they can make a quick buck’. Whatever their personal histories, that’s an unlikely description of people who run a cathedral which has been part of the city’s soul, and caring for the souls of its citizens, for centuries; and spends about £4 million gross a year, half of that from donations, doing so.

And which ‘council’ exactly? There are three in Chichester: county, district and city. The expert, who said the trees had a dangerous fungus at the base, works for the county. But could any of them profit by a penny if the city loses its soul?

Ms Levett should make a little less free with their reputations – let alone his.