LETTER: North route makes no sense

Highways England schemes apparently could not unite the community, it is the WSCC leadership that cannot do that.

Thursday, 19th April 2018, 10:34 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:43 am

HE are an ‘informed source’ and within the schemes they presented were all the solutions, they just needed sorting, with leadership. The current leadership have engaged another ‘expert’ producing a ridiculous blind yes/no list, no diagram or illustrations, is this clarity? How much did this little exercise cost us? Now the whole procedure is reduced to the level of an X-Factor phone-in i.e. uninformed source.

The Northern option does not make sense at any level.

It simply cannot go through Lavant, Goodwood, Rolls Royce, the proposed housing development at Whitehouse Farm and planned housing east of Summersdale down to the Portfield roundabout. Finishing at Portfield would simply create a standing queue of vehicles pumping co2 and adding further to the chaos that has already been created by the ‘planners’, whilst quietly killing the residents of Summersdale.

Adding to Portfield junction would be foolish and irresponsible, the expanding retail park outlets, hospital and fire service need free access at all times, and that does not exist now.

Separating Chichester from the South Downs with a concrete ring, so close to the city, is irresponsible, ludicrous and environmentally disastrous.

It would not only block all the natural waterways off the downs but also the migratory routes for wildlife that have all existed for millennia. It will also blow a big hole in the Government housing targets for the area.

Roy Millson, Pine Grove, Chichester