LETTER: We need all A27 information

On 6 March 2016 I was invited alongside other campaign groups by the Chichester Observer to attend a meeting hosted by the Bishop of Chichester, the then MP Tyrie, WSCC and CDC.

Thursday, 3rd May 2018, 10:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:44 am

At this meeting the BABA27 Workshop model was adopted. At this meeting and subsequent workshops it’s been unequivocally agreed that no option was off the table.

The workshops at times have been challenging but the vast majority have all worked together to support the BABA27. It is unfortunate that recently a few participants have tried to disrupt the agreed process.

Dozens of community representatives, parish, district and county councillors have put hours of effort into the process for over a year and their hard democratic, transparent work deserves to be supported.

We would like to firstly thank all the positive, constructive and open- minded contribution from so many people from across the district.

Secondly, we ask WSCC; to help us the community decide on the best way forward for the A27; to bring to the next workshop the actual factual figures behind the most workable concepts offered up.

The factual figures need to include benefit cost ratios, air and noise pollution, environmental impact, accident rates, build time, economic impacts of disruption and the number of potential properties to be demolished for each option. For transparency there must be a Southern, Northern and Online option for the community to look at objectively.

Zoe-Elizabeth Neal, On behalf of the members of Chichester A27 – No Option is Still an Option, Tramway Close, Chichester