LETTER: Whole area is a nightmare

The proposed Barnfield Park phase 2 access from the Westhampnett Road on the Chichester side of the Sainsbury's roundabout defied belief.

Wednesday, 23rd August 2017, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:24 pm

Adding this roundabout will only cause a backlog of traffic in both the main Westhampnett Road directions.

Currently this junction area causes backlogs onto the A27 for a noticeable portion of the day, how can anyone believe by adding this Barnfield roundabout will improve traffic flow? Then just add a large delivery lorry trying to get in this tight entrance and just see what happens.

Barnfield Park phase 2 plans have a key access via Kingsmead Avenue and Barnfield Drive which already exists, so what is wrong with having this as the only access? There is already a cycle and pedestrian bridge access to the proposed park area across the Lavant which just needs safety issues resolving. This proposal will have considerable cost implications as well as changing the environment for current residents, additional to the resulting traffic chaos, so what is the justification for doing it?

This whole area under consideration is a traffic nightmare and currently affects the business and commercial prospects of Chichester, so why aren’t the planners and authorities pragmatically and holistically addressing the issue for the future of Chichester? How about tidying up Kingsmead Avenue and linking it to Broyle Road as well as to the north end of St Richard’s. This would shift some of the congestion! Whatever happened to park and ride proposals to alleviate congestion and address the current parking issues?