LETTER: Why have we been excluded from discussion?

Last week you printed comments from WSCC that there was no lack of fairness in refusing West Broyle a place on the BABA27 meetings. We were told that our Neighbourhood Watch (NW) could not adequately represent our residents.

Saturday, 28th April 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:44 am

However, our NW, representing over 100 houses in West Broyle, successfully petitioned WSCC two years ago to obtain a speed limit along the B2178 through our area. Over 80 households joined that petition.

We have also worked with SSE to improve clearance for the power lines serving our community, and to have dormant alternative routing brought back into service.

We have kept residents informed on broadband improvements and Whitehouse Farm development. It is nonsense to suggest that we could not adequately represent our area on BABA27.

When the process was started, many groups were invited to participate by WSCC. We were not, and ever since have been refused attendance.

It must have been clear to WSCC that any reconsideration of a northern route would greatly affect West Broyle, so why have we been excluded? A charitable view is that it is due to a failure by WSCC staff, but many residents are wondering if it is a deliberate policy to minimise northern objections.

We are also told that we are adequately represented at the meetings by county, district and city councillors. Well, if we are, so are all other areas, and no local group representatives need be at BABA27.

So is BABA27 a fair and democratic process? Only if you believe that all areas are to be represented equally but some more equally than others. WSCC, George Orwell would have been proud of you.

Roger Mills, Pine Grove, Chichester