Bognor pothole damage cost £750

Letter from: Geraldine Bridger, The Causeway, Pagham

Monday, 10th February 2020, 12:36 pm
Bognor District Potholes 
Pagham Road
Bognor District Potholes Pagham Road

In 2018 our grandson visited from Warrington. He and my husband were driving from Rowan Way – at the Pink Pub (Bognor) near the builders’ yard was a pothole (white marked very faint) my grandson hit the pothole –he has a black box fitted and the insurance company rang him as they thought he had an accident!

National Tyres was very good in fixing his axle/wheel at the front of his car so he could get back to Warrington.

We informed the council and sent proof of the £750 damage/repair as my grandson is a student and this was a big sum for him. Needless to say we got nowhere and they weren’t interested but miraculously the hole was filled the next day.

Further – Pagham where I live seems to be a forgotten land– the roundabout at the Causeway, Pagham Road, by the Lamb Inn and from Pagham before Barfoots are bad spots too. At Rose Green lights they filled a hole that is emptying again. What a waste of time and money.